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August 20, 2023

Everybody loves a good burger - a tasty, filling, and heartwarming food that transcends cultural boundaries. Dubai, with its diverse population encompassing various ethnic backgrounds and culinary preferences, presents an intriguing canvas for the culinary world to experiment and cater to different palates. 

Surprisingly, a single burger joint has managed to conquer the hearts of Dubai's diverse residents - The High Joint. The High Joint holds the esteemed title of being the highest-rated burger spot in Dubai. As the renowned Timeout magazine acknowledged, it is one of the best burgers in Dubai this year, 2023. This exceptional award has made The High Joint a favorite among Emiratis and expatriates.

What sets The High Joint apart from its competitors is its commitment to accommodating the varied tastes of Dubai's population. They have creatively crafted a menu that caters to a wide range of preferences, such as vegetarian options and varying spice levels. The High Joint seasons its offerings to engage with the diverse cultures represented in Dubai.

In this case study, we will delve into the core of The High Joint's success. We will thoroughly examine their branding, delectable food offerings, innovative social media strategy, and effective online marketing tactics. Additionally, we will explore their chosen strategic locations, which have likely contributed to their prominence.

The High Joint: Accessible Location, Friendly Staff and Quality Ingredients

With an intelligent strategy, the High Joint stands out in Dubai's competitive gourmet burger scene. They focus on using the best-certified ingredients, having friendly staff, and choosing accessible locations. Their secret menu creates curiosity that keeps customers returning for more. All these factors combined set The High Joint apart, making it a favorite burger spot in the city.

The High Joint is Located in Middle/Upper Middle Income Population Centers 

The High Joint has strategically positioned its five locations across middle and upper middle income residential areas in Dubai. This ensures easy accessibility and convenience for their target customers. 

The food that the High Joint serves is gourmet burgers, so convenience is essential, because their clientele are most likely going there for a casual meal after school or work. Each site caters to different city areas, making it easier for people to indulge in their favorite burgers without hassle.

The Emirates Towers: The High Joint outlet in this tower is perfectly situated in the bustling business district. It attracts a steady stream of professionals seeking a quick and delicious meal during their lunch breaks or after work. With numerous offices and commercial establishments in the area, it has become a go-to spot for business professionals seeking the best burgers.

At Al Manara, the restaurant's strategic location near commercial hubs like Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City ensures a constant flow of office-goers and residents looking for a satisfying burger experience. The area is surrounded by corporate offices, retail outlets, and restaurants, creating a steady flow of foot traffic throughout the day. Despite their busy schedules, it becomes an ideal destination for individuals looking for a delicious burger.

In Riyadh, The High Joint caters to the growing community in southern Dubai, drawing in residents from nearby developments and providing a convenient dining option.

The Al Khawaneej High Joint outlet is strategically placed at the heart of this suburban area. This makes it an ideal choice for families and individuals seeking a delicious meal for lunch or supper.

Lastly, the Motor City location benefits from its position amidst a mix of residential complexes, and entertainment centers, thus ensuring a diverse flow of customers throughout the day as well as night.

By thoughtfully selecting locations near commercial hubs, recreational spots, and residential areas, The High Joint maximizes visibility and potential customer base, becoming a favored burger destination throughout the city. Whether catering to professionals in busy business districts, families enjoying leisure time at parks, or residents looking for a satisfying meal close to home, The High Joint's strategic locations make it a go-to choice for all.

What Makes The High Joint's Burgers Special

The High Joint's burgers are something extraordinary. They use premium, antibiotic, and hormone-free Angus beef, meticulously minced daily.

Their standout creation, The High Jamz burger, boasts a symphony of flavors and textures. Each bite is a delight, from the umami-rich Angus patty to the mix of crunchy tempura onions, jammy caramelized ones, and melty pepper jack cheese. The ranch sauce adds a delicious twist, perfectly complementing the toppings. These thoughtfully curated ingredients make The High Jamz an unforgettable burger experience.

The High Joint offers more than just exceptional burgers; they have various mouthwatering options. Their bomb fries with truffled mayonnaise and Asian wings are must-tries. Vegetarian choices like Veggie Buffalo Wings and Haloumi Katsu High provide flavorful alternatives. 

The High Leaf is a recent addition featuring a vegan patty and unique toppings. Moreover, their secret menu changes every 6-8 weeks, keeping things exciting and fresh. The High Joint is a haven for burger enthusiasts and those seeking delightful and diverse options to satisfy their cravings.

The Mind Behind The High Joint: The Co-Founder, Dr. High

At The High Joint, there is a team of talented chefs, but the face we often see in the media and restaurants is affectionately known as Dr. High - Dr. Hamad Mansoor Al Awar, the co-founder of this burger haven.

A visionary in technology and science, especially in defense and security, Dr. High's background in 3D visualization and Forensic Gait Analysis brings innovative solutions to create safer societies. His expertise has played a significant role in making The High Joint a standout burger spot in Dubai, celebrated for its success and culinary excellence.

Their Marketing Strategy: A Dynamic Fusion of Social Media, Food Trucks, and Stellar Reviews

The High Joint has a fantastic marketing strategy that combines social media, food trucks, and great reviews. They're very active on Instagram and TikTok, offering special deals for occasions like their anniversary and Ramadan. 

Their food trucks are seen at sporting events like the Dubai Autodrome, reaching a diverse audience. They've received excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, and food delivery apps, making them highly recommended by bloggers.

About the Author

Catherine Andrea Gerdez

Content Writer at Stat Global

Catherine Andrea Gerdez is a copywriter and saleswoman originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She has a bachelor's degree in International Studies from the Central University of Venezuela. She speaks fluent English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish (her native language) and is currently learning Mandarin.

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About the Author

Catherine Andrea Gerdez

Content Writer at Stat Global

Catherine Andrea Gerdez is a copywriter and saleswoman originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She has a bachelor's degree in International Studies from the Central University of Venezuela. She speaks fluent English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish (her native language) and is currently learning Mandarin.

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